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We know your excitement. You’ve found a great investment property, got it renovated fast, increased the curb appeal, and you’re ready to start making money by finding a renter! However, the last thing you want to do in your rush to land a tenant is find a lousy one. One that will disrespect your home and cause extreme, costly damage. Maybe you’ve already had a bad experience in the past with horrible tenants. There are a few key things to watch out for to avoid the hassle and heart ache of destructive tenants that ruin your home and investment!

Not only is there a way to avoid landing a lousy tenant, but there are ways to avoid attracting them in the first place:

  1. Have a thorough property listing & lease created. Clearly state any relevant rules and regulations for the property so you avoid scammers, including due dates for rent and action taken when late payments are received.
  2. Do a tenant screening. Hands down, get a credit report for the potential tenant!
  3. Get employment verification. You’ll want to make sure the tenant can keep up payments in the future. Look up the number for their place of employment and call to confirm they are actually an employee.
  4. Contact previous landlords. Ask for their previous landlord’s information to ensure they can receive a good recommendation.
  5. Get a property inspection. No matter the kind of tenant you seemingly land, you’ll want to make sure to get a property inspection completed so in the event that any damage is incurred, you can avoid faulty claims by the tenant.
  6. Consider landlord insurance. This insures you against building loss, theft, or damage!

Set yourself up for success.

The Cleveland Real Estate Pros specialize in the management of the nicer and scattered single family homes in the Cleveland area! Services include tenant screening, secure online rental applications, professional lease preparation and execution of legal documents! We get your home rented fast and find only the best, most qualified tenants.

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We create concise, professional listings that attract qualified renters & manage the tenant screening for you!

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